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Amazing food as always. mistake from last order was corrected. thanks so much

Amy, 13 Apr 2021

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Daniel, 12 Apr 2021

Food, service and quality all excellent

John, 10 Apr 2021

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Food is banging, banging servic3

James Haigh, 10 Apr 2021

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Always good food

Tom, 08 Apr 2021


Say my food is here but not nothing for next 20 minutes

Artis, 03 Apr 2021


Bit disappointed. was a long wait but they did ring and explain. when it turned up the cheese was missing off both our meals and the pot of sauce we ordered was also missing but because it was so late when i rang there was no answer. have used before and not had issues, hoping its a one off mistake.

Amy, 30 Mar 2021

waited 1hour 20 mins then phoned to find out where my order was it had not even left the shop yet . Food has always been good but service is very very slow considering they quote 35 mins on the website

Paul, 26 Mar 2021

Our food is always hot, perfectly cooked and full of flavour. Never had a bad delivery. Had a long exhausting day today and was looking forward to coming home to have my favourite delivery and relax. Thanks for the great service and the friendly driver, didn’t catch his name.

Lewis, 26 Feb 2021


Daniel, 25 Feb 2021


James, 22 Feb 2021

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James, 22 Feb 2021

i payed for item in which i did not receive

Victor , 21 Feb 2021

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Food was exhalent

Paul, 20 Feb 2021


Daniel, 20 Feb 2021

What on earth is this portion of donner meat? I can attach a picture it’s not even half say I’m appalled is an understatement, absolute disgrace

Steve, 20 Feb 2021

Really quality food at great prices

James Scerri, 13 Feb 2021

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Following my previous comment about problems with my delivery Inwould like to thank Denrys who contacted me the next day to sort out the problem they gave me a refund and also gave me a discount for my next order, I must say I will be ordering again and take back my previous comment excellent customer service

Paul, 08 Feb 2021

Ordered food via the website the order was accepted and payment was taken but no food delivered when I tried to phone it kept ringing because it’s now closed so hope I get a refund as been loyal customer but won’t be ordering again poor service

Paul, 07 Feb 2021

Food was absolutely amazing as always. But wanted to give props to our driver who not only admitted to an issue, was very prompt with solving it. He was a white man I believe he was bald. you have an absolutely incredible, charismatic delivery person in him and I hope you see what I see! A man like him could go very far in life.

Tamsin Lake, 06 Feb 2021

Good food, always hot and nice. Ordered a few times now and always really nice. Defo recommend.

Amy, 05 Feb 2021

Amazing value,, never had a bad one yet so yummy so nice :)

Racheal, 29 Jan 2021

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Amazing as always! Never ever had a problem with their food or service

Richard, 29 Jan 2021

Lovely food, lovely people

James Scerri, 15 Jan 2021

Sorry that last feedback was supposed to be 5 stars for service so changed. Whatever it is 100 percent from me :)

Martin, 22 Dec 2020

I have to say I’ve been going now/ordering from Denrys since living in Stafford (past 3 years) and I’ve never had a problem. Absolutely love their food and they even cook it as you like (by adding a note on your order) so I cannot find a fault. Even when I’ve entered the shop the staff have always been polite and I’ve even known them help out the odd customer if they’ve been a little short on cash. So well done Denry’s and Happy Christmas :)

Martin, 22 Dec 2020